Health News and Research. Cancer and Priority Diseases

Farmacia Leisa CostaRica Cancer is such a widespread disease in humanity that it causes about 13% of all deaths on our planet. Because of this, it is of great interest to know the news and developments about cancer, which includes everything from how to prevent it to new treatments and even cure it, thanks to the advancement of technology and medicine. In addition, there are a large number of participatory campaigns, workshops, and seminars as part of efforts to fight, either against cancer or to live with it.

News, Research and New Discoveries

Science publishes a lot of information about research for the development of new therapies, treatments and medications; or even how to prevent, both cancer and other important diseases. This is considered from the latest in technology to healthy habits in everyday life.

State of the Art Medical Technology

Although a unique and specific cause of cancer is not yet known, many risk factors are known to trigger or predispose it to occur. And the advances in scientific research in the areas of biology and genetics, together with technological development, put more and more tools in the hands of medicine to deal with this disease.

Learn to Live with Cancer . Despite cancer, life must go on. There are guidelines that can be very useful in these cases: Use successive approaches to the exposure of the image itself. Generate positive thoughts alternative to criticism and promote contingent reinforcers to these actions. Using Anxiety Reduction Techniques. Plan distracting, playful and reinforcing activities that the person dominates. Develop communication guidelines: learn to express fears.