Leisa Pharmacy, Costa Rica

Farmacia LeisaLeisa Pharmacy in Costa Rica provides the services of medical specialists in oncology (in addition to other areas), specialized clinics and the medications that they recommend for the treatment of cancer according to the specific requirements for each patient.

Our pharmaceutical company was born on May 31, 1990, in El Carmen de Guadalupe, San José, Costa Rica. It is made up of a team of professionals oriented towards service in health areas; both in the commercial sector, as well as in the supply of master medicines and chemotherapies. We work with high quality raw materials, certified suppliers, in addition to the fact that most of our assets and raw materials are imported.


Consolidate ourselves as leaders in the field, contributing to the well-being and health of the Costa Rican population, participating as the best alternative to personalized treatments, to offer the community masterful formulas with permanent innovation, quality excellence and a high standard of ethics.


Elaborate magistral medications with high quality standards, to give the medical specialists the option of prescribing in a personalized way, favoring the accessibility of patients to medicines with fair prices.

Provide comprehensive services with a high added value for the health industry, such as: the distribution of highly specialized medicine, meeting the needs of institutions, doctors, specialists and patients; thereby generating conditions that improve the health of Costa Ricans.


  • ETHICS AND QUALITY. As a fundamental pillar of our company to guarantee security, support and credibility.
  • LIABILITY. We are aware of the magnitude and scope of our work.
  • COMMITMENT. Because it is not enough to fulfill what was planned, we are ready to offer more.

Quality Policy

To be the best option in storage and distribution of highly specialized medications; ensuring continuous improvement in the satisfaction of our customers and suppliers, fulfilling the responsibility so that they are available in the institutions and patients that demand them; under strict adherence to applicable sanitary regulations.
Always bearing in mind that our mission is to contribute to the medical staff so that their patients have a better quality of life through an uninterrupted availability of their therapies.

This allows us to provide warm and personalized attention to all patients, doctors, hospital institutions and business partners who demand our services.