Leisa Pharmacy, Costa Rica: Services

 Farmacia Leisa CostaRica Leisa Pharmacy in Costa Rica, in addition to providing medications for specialized treatments and corresponding assistance, it provides various complementary services. These services, under the supervision of a pharmaceutical professional always in charge, are given as an added value to the health care of the interested public.

Delivery of Medications at Home

Delivery on hand throughout Costa Rica
Orders: WhatsApp Orders: +506 8364-1419 +506 8364-1419
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Free Express service:
Gran Área Metropolitana* (GAM) and its surroundings.
This includes Escazú, Santa Ana, Ciudad Colón, etc.
* or Central Valley.

Shipping by parcel:
Rest of the country.

👉 Important: professional and rigorous handling of each medication is guaranteed according to their specific requirements, as in the case of medications that need to be kept refrigerated at a low temperature.

Recommendations for Specialized Treatments

For the public interested in cancer treatments (Oncology), they are informed and recommended so that they can choose a specialist oncologist or a clinic for treatment, and they offer the medications that are prescribed by the professionals who treat them, according to your choice in this regard. The same can be done in the case of other medical specialties for the care of other diseases or conditions (Antiretrovirals, Diabetes, Hematology, Infertility, Psychiatry, etc.)


The application of injectable medications is provided, either subcutaneously (SC), intravenously (IV) or intramuscularly (IM). This is done completely professionally by the pharmacist expert in charge, for the public and customers who need it.

 Farmacia Leisa CostaRica  Farmacia Leisa CostaRica

Blood Pressure Measurement

The blood pressure is taken or measured, to all the public and clients that require it. For this, it is essential that the interested person wait seated for at least five minutes, after having indicated that they need to have the procedure performed.

 Farmacia Leisa CostaRica

Learn to Live with Cancer . Despite cancer, life must go on. There are guidelines that can be very useful in these cases: Use successive approaches to the exposure of the image itself. Generate positive thoughts alternative to criticism and promote contingent reinforcers to these actions. Using Anxiety Reduction Techniques. Plan distracting, playful and reinforcing activities that the person dominates. Develop communication guidelines: learn to express fears.